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Secom Security Australia is a leader in providing protective and electronic security solutions in Australia. We have a strong presence across the country and we take pride in our ability to deliver completely integrated and non-proprietary security solutions.

We have one of Australia’s first Certifies A1 monitoring and operations secom australiacentres, and for over 20 years, Secom Security Australia has provided protective security and safety services throughout local, regional, state and national levels. We’ve serviced government and private corporate organisations across all major industries.

Secom Security Australia is backed by the SECOM Group of companies. We are fully committed to service the Australian and New Zealand markets. SECOM Security has operations in 12 countries, was a pioneer in the Japanese security Industry for over 50 years, and is the largest security company outside of Japan.

Our management team has a wide-ranging experience in national and international markets which play well with our flat structure, empowering our clients to have access and direct communication to all areas of the organization, from the ground staff-level to the highest management level.

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Home Security Systems

A SECOM Australia’s home security systems solution is a must-have system in ensuring your home is always protected. It gives you that freedom and peace of mind knowing that wherever you go and whatever you do, your home is kept safe from unwanted and untoward incidents. With a technically-advanced design, a simple and easy-to use system, and top-class service support, SECOM home security systems are customized and individually formulated to suit your home’s unique security requirements.

Security Systems

Secom Security Australia’s state-of-the-art systems offer the latest technical advancements which will fit your specific security needs. We consider your priorities, whether it is price or features, when we customize our security plans for your requirements.

The Protection

Secom Security uses the premium industry standard detection devices, such as movement detectors, reed switches, smoke detectors, and glass-break detectors. These detection devices and related cabling can be monitored through our Grade A1 Monitoring Centre for any interference or damage. The backup battery also ensures continuous protection in case of power failures or tampering. By maximizing our capabilities, we continue to respond to the increasingly diverse requirements of homeowners for security and, more importantly, for peace of mind.

Secom Security Blog

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Residential Security Tips for Landlords

Recently, SECOM Security encountered a client whose property was burglarized. They had a 4-storey residential building. The burglar entered their premises and ransacked one of their tenant’s room.  Around 5,000 dollars worth of property was stolen from the incident. Landlords of commercial and residential properties have responsibilities to the people living in their building. These …